What’s Good: 2018 Media City Film Festival

  • MUBI
Atomic Garden“What’s good,” as you probably know, is urban slang. It means “what’s up?” Like a lot of slang, however, it can have very different meanings. One must be aware of the subtleties of context. But in the context of a festival report, it could have an entirely different meaning. It could be a way of asking for recommendations. “Hey, you saw those films? Well, what’s good?” In that respect, the films I discuss below might be taken (erroneously) as my picks for the absolute best films screened at the 2018 Media City Film Festival in Windsor, Ontario. This would imply that I saw all the films screened (I didn’t), or that any film not mentioned below somehow didn’t merit a mention.This is simply not true. For one thing, several of the best films screened at Media City this year are films I have
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