“Simmba is a relevant larger-than-life over-the-top drama on social awakening” – Subhash K Jha Review


Starring Ranveer Singh,Ajay Devgan, Sara Ali Khan. Ashutosh Rana

Directed by Rohit Shetty

As far as getting a kick out of the movie-viewing experience is concerned, there is nothing like a larger-than-life over-the-top drama on social awakening.

Simmba is a kick in the groin for all rapists, and potential rapists. I doubt rape will decline after this film. But at least those who think of violating women would blush a bit.

The second-to-last sequence of this loud but effective anti-rape/anti-corruption film shows ‘Simmba’ Ranveer Singh sitting in the courtroom with his mentor ‘Singham’ Ajay Devgan. The two khaki-clad praise-vardi vigilantes come to the one decisive conclusion: cops need to put the fear of God and Law into rapists before this heinous crime winds its way out of the male libido.

Until then, there are the encounters of the cop kind. This film makes a disturbing case for bumping off legally-absolved rapists,
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