10 of the Most Unforgettable Plot Twists In Film

  • Cinelinx
We examine ten of the most unforgettable plot twists in the history of cinema, and what makes them so effective.

You’re watching a movie, getting engaged with the fluid plot and getting familiar with interesting characters. You cheer the protagonist on through their struggles, and feel upset with the antagonist and their seemingly selfish ways. As the film builds up to a climax you are figuratively/literally pushed to the edge of your seat. The tension ramps up, and the music becomes more intense. The theater is silent in anticipation. The person sitting next to you is holding their breath. You want to know how it ends. You have a commitment to see it through.

But the climax happens, and suddenly everything changes. It’s a juxtaposition in perspective, and you’re seeing the same story from another angle. The twist throws everything on its head, and what you
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