Film Review: Tonight, At The Movies (2018) by Hideki Takeuchi

Hideki Takeuchi seems to be making a career out of people jumping into the real world from another “dimension”, and after the two “Thermae Romae” and the Roman in contemporary Japan, he directs a story of a movie character coming to life in Japan in the 60’s. Let us take things from the beginning, though.

Tonight, at the Movies is part of the 2019 Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme

Kenji is a struggling assistant director during the 60’s, when the industry in Japan experienced a significant decline due to popularity of TV, who tries to make it happen but is, in essence, just an errand boy. Furthermore, he is a workaholic, whose long-hours occasionally lead him into making blunders, just like when he spills paint all over the costume of the company’s star, Ryonosuke Shundo. In his quite hard life, the only source of true enjoyment comes from a theatre
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