What Happening in Holland Today

Aside from Iffr, a very happening event, two new and related international sales companies are launching in Berlin. Fortissimo and Nine Film are related genealogically, even to Iffr, because the founder of Fortissimo, Wouter Barendrecht (Rip 2009), came from Iffr where he was an expert on programming films from Asia.Wouter Barendrecht (Jerusalem International Film Festival Photos)

Wouter founded Fortissimo in 1991. Together with partner Michael Werner, another China aficionado, they introduced the west to Asian arthouse cinema. Barendrecht was also instrumental in re-vitalizing the Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival in 2000. He created a staff and a fanbase whose loyalty and family-like closeness has never been replicated. Today at Iffr, he is commemorated annually by the Wouter Barendrect Award of €5,000 bestowed by CineMart in conjunction with the Wouter Barendrecht Film Foundation to a filmmaker under the age of 35 who has directed three or fewer films. The prize is decided upon by
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