FX CEO John Landgraf Explains Why Those Netflix Ratings Aren’t to be Trusted

When Netflix started reporting its own ratings — as it has for films like “Bird Box” and TV shows like “You” — the entertainment industry jumped on the numbers like a kid opening a gift that’s been wrapped and under the tree for months. Now, the lovingly appointed “mayor of television” is here to tell us why the prize inside may not be exactly what we thought.

Speaking at the FX TCA panel Monday morning, CEO John Landgraf said, “Netflix is not telling you the full story.” The key difference is the measurement metric used by Netflix isn’t the same as the traditional television ratings metric — average audience. Adopted by FX, along with most cable and broadcast networks, the average audience is calculated by adding up every minute viewed of an episode (or season) and dividing it by the total duration of the program.

But that’s not the figure Netflix reported.
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