Movie Poster of the Week: Jeff Goldblum in Posters

  • MUBI
Above: character posters for Thor: Ragnarok (2017) and Hotel Artemis (2018).Jeff Goldblum is having a moment. After being in movies for 45 years, the 6'4" 66-year-old actor is suddenly the coolest man on the planet. He was all over Sundance last week with his new film, The Mountain, and starting today the Quad Cinema in New York is playing “The Goldblum Variations,” a retrospective of sixteen of the tall guy’s best films.Ever since his debut as Freak #1 in Michael Winner’s Death Wish (1974), Goldblum has been a compelling, quirky presence in movies. He was a supporting player for some ten years before his break-out role in Lawrence Kasdan’s The Big Chill (1983) which led to starring roles in John LandisInto the Night (1985) and David Cronenberg’s The Fly (1986). His major leading man period lasted about a decade before he comfortably became an ensemble player once again (naturally fitting right
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