Harmony on General Hospital — Everything You Need to Know

The mysterious Harmony first appeared on General Hospital in February of 2019 when Jason met with her in Beecher’s Corners to try and learn more about the mysterious Dawn of Day group she and Shiloh founded. And if she looks familiar, it’s probably because portrayer Inga Cadranel has appeared in quite a few primetime TV series! Jason Morgan met with Harmony at a cafe in Beecher’s Corners looking for some background on Dawn of Day. Harmony insisted that the group had opened her mind and changed her life. She had originally been named Lorraine, but had never felt that was right. She noted a nearby community center she and Shiloh had built and explained she’d remained behind while Shiloh went to Port Charles to start an outreach program there. Jason continued to press her for more on Shiloh’s past, but Harmony didn’t divulge anything important.
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