Starz Female Stars And Producers On Nightmare Incidents & Whether Life On Set Is Getting Better – TCA

  • Deadline
A Starz TCA panel comprised of the network’s leading actresses and series creators tackled the question whether life on set is getting better post #MeToo. And while many acknowledge that indeed it is, “It’s the tiny moments” per American Gods thespian Emily Browning that’s still creating confusion.

“I’m sure all of us have a nightmare we heard or experienced, but now there is a space for us to be able to tell those stories. There are certain things I don’t think people can get away with anymore. What’s still kind of evolving, and they’re not nightmare stories — it’s the tiny moments. Things that are a little bit ambiguous where a woman automatically feels like ‘Did that just happen to me or am I just being sensitive? Do I bring this story forward? Is it believable or does something worse need to happen?
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