Film Review: ‘Patrick’

  • Variety
There’s no denying that “Patrick” is absolutely adorable. When a story revolves around a four-legged furry friend — a squishy, huggable pug, at that — that much is to be expected. However, what makes director Mandie Fletcher’s canine-centered romantic comedy work is its ability to engage in between the oh-so-cute closeups of the bug-eyed pup. Though the narrative tends to be a touch too simplistic for most grown-ups, and lacks enough riotous dog action for the little ones, there’s enough bite to make things worthwhile for those who just want to enjoy a sweet, wholesome dog movie.

Sarah’s (Beattie Edmondson) life is in shambles. Her boyfriend has just left her stranded in a new apartment without knowing a soul in the neighborhood. Her entire family thinks she’s turning into a spinster since all her romantic relationships end in woe. She’s depressed and questioning what love has in store for her.
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