Penthouse Accuses Judd Apatow of ‘Hypocrisy’ for Past Un-pc Jokes About Lgbt People, Mass Shootings

  • The Wrap
Penthouse debuted its new website Thursday by publishing a 15-minute video that attempts to show that director-comedian Judd Apatow’s past jokes, remarks and statements are at odds with his current, progressive persona.

The video suggests that Apatow is hypocritical to call out sexism, jokes about Lgbtq people and other social ills because he has made similar jokes in the past in standup routines, talk show appearances and in storylines in his hit comedies.

Reps for Apatow did not respond to requests for comment.

The video cites Apatow’s recent criticism of comics’ “punching down” to vulnerable targets in society. “I feel like it’s more important to say to kids, and to trans people, ‘Hey, I care more about you than this,'” he said in a recent interview, with the video jumping to clips from Apatow movies like “The 40 Year-Old Virgin” that include scenes that play on Lgbt
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