“Searching” – John Cho: Hollywood Film Tribute

Today we are recognizing Searching, as well as its star John Cho. Our Hollywood Film Tributes recognize films and talent for their excellence in the art of filmmaking. Whenever a genre film goes above and beyond, it’s worth making a big deal about it. Searching is just such a movie. Emotional and riveting, it also happens to feature a tremendous turn from John Cho, who’s almost doing a one man show. It’s so good, so fulfilling, and so surprising, it really did deserve to receive even more attention than it did. Today, we get to rectify that… Here is a bit from our rave review that went up in the summer, specifically in August: The film is a thriller, one with a well executed high concept, to boot. This is the plot synopsis from IMDb: “After David Kim (John Cho)’s 16-year-old daughter goes missing, a
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