‘Serenity’ Review

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Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Diane Lane, Jason Clarke, Djimon Hounsou, Jeremy Strong, Charlotte Butler, David Butler, Rafael Sayegh, Michael Richard, Robert Hobbs, Kenneth Fok, Garion Dowds | Written and Directed by Steven Knight

The feeling and emotion a cinephile find within themselves when they witness a cinematic masterpiece unfold in front of their eyes is a magical, no scratch that, unfathomable ideal that is an exhilarating and unquestionable abstract thirst and can only be quenched with seeking out more exquisite forms of cinematic sensation. Steven Knight’s latest does not usher such ecstatic reactions. Quite the antithesis in fact. A film comparable to that of Wally Pfister’s twenty-fourteen film Transcendence that explodes on instant impact of release with a tremendous cast list utterly dissipated in what quite possibly may be one of the most diabolical ventures in film in the last two decades.

The superb writer of the sublime
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