Cjz addresses drama budgets, shortage of writers and original concepts

(L-r): Nadine Garner, Sophie Wright, Nick Russell, Stephen Curry and Paul Denny in ‘Mr Black’.

Cjz MD Nick Murray and CEO Matt Campbell are grappling with three major issues facing the screen industry as the company ramps up its production and development slates.

They identify the challenges as the rising cost of drama budgets; a shortage of top-class writers given the talent drain to the Us and UK; and finding original concepts for factual and factual entertainment shows.

Murray questions why drama is more expensive to produce than comedy, observing: “I don’t know that the additional money that goes into drama is necessarily visible on screen to the audience.

“The costs of drama are going up and we need to be making it cheaper. There are work practices which make it impossible to make drama at the price it should be made at. We should be employing people differently or with more flexibility,
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