The most influential Asian movies of the last 50 years

Asian films are among the best critically acclaimed movies on IMDb. Some of them are more than just good films, however.

Some movies made by Asian directors made a lasting impact on the world of cinema as well as on global culture as a whole. This a list of these kinds of movies.

Honorary reference

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai and Ishiro Honda’s Godzilla were made in the 50s and don’t make it to the list of the most influential movies of the last 50 years. However, they are on the list of the most influential movies ever, and we can’t but briefly mention them.

These movies have shaped some aspects and genres of modern day cinema.

Have you ever seen giant monsters destroying a city? Think Transformers and the like. These only exist because of Godzilla’s imagery.

Seven Samurai created even more of an influence on cinema.
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