Exclusive Interview – Filmmaker Nicolas Pesce talks Piercing, horror, and genre blending

Red Stewart chats with Piercing director Nicolas Pesce

Nicolas Pesce is an American filmmaker who has been working in the film industry since the mid-2010s. He is known for his cinematic debut The Eyes of My Mother, which he wrote, directed, and edited. His latest movie was the Giallo-inspired horror comedy Piercing, which Flickering Myth had the chance to interview him about, and I in turn had the honor to conduct:

Ms. Pesce, thank you for taking the time to speak with me sir.

Completely, thank you so much.

Before we talk about this movie, I wanted to ask you a general question. One thing I’ve observed about horror directors is that, compared to other genre filmmakers, they tend to stay in the field of horror for some time before eventually branching out. James Wan, Adam Wingard, and Eli Roth all did that, and it seems to the same case with you.
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