Film Review: Rampant (2018) by Kim Sung-hoon

Following the worldwide blockbuster that emerged from ‘Train to Busan,’ it was inevitable that the studio responsible for the film would be tasked with providing a follow-up zombie film. Transporting the action back-in-time to the Feudal period of South Korean history, many of the same elements were placed into this new film to be released by WellGo USA on Blu-Ray, DVD and digital on February 26.

During a supposed trade between each other, Lee Chun is accused of treason against the court and sent to a remote province in the country due to his status as Prince of Joseon. Finally returning home with his concierge Hak-soo, he soon finds that the rumors are false about a band of rebels threatening to overrun the country, when they encounter a horde of flesh-eating zombies running wild in the province. Meeting up with royal guards Eul-ryong Deok-hee and Dae-gil, the group
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