Remembering Monster House, the Animated Horror Movie for Kids [Rewind]

Before Monster House had there been a mainstream animated film that strayed so far from the tropes of the genre? I am sure one could cite The Nightmare Before Christmas but even that film eventually plays nice with what audiences expect from animated films. No, it was 2006's Monster House that, on the heels of The Incredibles two years before it, pushed the genre of animation in a bold new direction. The look, the story, the pacing, and the overall mood of Monster House was both old, new and completely unlike anything done in the medium of animation before. In short, Monster House is responsible for opening up the genre, it paved the way for more daring films in the medium, it's set-up was very much like a independent horror film, and it, surprisingly, never had a sequel.

Monster House, like most horror that is geared for younger people, features
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