Film Review: Thirst (2009) by Park Chan-wook

One of South Korea’s most creative and fearless filmmakers, Park Chan-wook has made a celebrated career out of offering deep, complex genre films ever since he exploded on the international market with the ‘Vengeance trilogy’ of films in the early 2000s. Continuing his use of dark themes and bold, striking cinematography in this vampire tale, his turn to supernatural-themed works isn’t diminished in the slightest in this stellar effort.

In Korea, the dedicated Priest Sang-hyun volunteers for special research on the Emmanuel Virus, a strange virus that does not affect Africans, only Caucasians and Asians. However, he contracts the disease and dies, but after a blood transfusion, he surprisingly survives among the fifty volunteers and is considered a saint by the worshipers. Soon, Sang-hyun finds that the transfusion was made using vampire blood, that he is thirsty for blood but still tries to find a
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