Interview: Sofia Boutella on Surrendering Herself to Gaspar Noé and Her Possession Moment for Climax

Climax, the latest project from provocative filmmaker Gaspar Noé, feverishly danced its way into theaters in Los Angeles and New York this past weekend, and on Friday, it is headed into more theaters around the Us courtesy of A24.

Daily Dead recently had the opportunity to speak with the star of Climax, Sofia Boutella, and during our interview, the actress discussed her thoughts on having the chance to collaborate with Noé and surrendering herself for the demanding role of Selva, a choreographer who ends up spiraling out of control on a bad trip alongside her dancers, when someone spikes their drinks after a practice performance. Boutella also chatted about her Possession moment in Climax, finding her character through the choreography, and more.

So great to speak with you, Sofia. I would love to start off at the beginning and talk about your initial inclinations into wanting to be a part of this project.
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