Captain Marvel Review

Marvel has another winner with Captain Marvel, the franchise's long-overdue entrance into the female-led superhero film arena.

Despite starring a pair of hot shot jet pilots, Captain Marvel is more Men in Black than Top Gun. It's a film experience so thoroughly rooted in '90s pop culture that it doesn't truly hit its stride until an abducted Brie Larson has crash-landed on Earth, and we fall into the film's joyful celebration of the pre-millennium period. In that way, it's more like Thor: preferring the comfort of its comedic moments that play on our knowledge of popular and existing McU culture than in bringing its alien science fiction settings to life.

Carol Danvers is our protagonist—a former Air Force fighter pilot and current member of the elite Kree military team known as the Starforce. Carol doesn't remember anything that happened to her before waking up six years prior on Hala,
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