Commando Star Vidyut Jammwal Returns In Junglee, The Latest From Dream Warriors Director Chuck Russell

It isn't too often that the worlds of Hollywood and Bollywood collide, but when they do, it's often too weird to believe. Today India's Junglee Pictures dropped the full trailer for their upcoming action film, Junglee (Wild), starring Vidyut Jammwal (Commando) and directed by Chuck Russell. Jammwal is best known on these pages for his performance in 2013's Commando, a film whose stunt work had the performer's name mentioned in the same breath with actors like Tony Jaa. Unfortunately for him, Jammwal's next few roles have been duds, including the sequel to Commando, so fans like me have been waiting for a reason to cheer and I have my fingers crossed that this will be it.  In the "pro" column for Junglee is the man behind the camera,...

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