Open the Vault! Disney's Entire Movie Library Will Be Available on Its New Streaming Service

Disney's upcoming streaming platform, called Disney Plus, just landed a major edge over its competitors: the entire Disney vault.

The streaming service doesn't launch until later this year, but Disney CEO Bob Iger has already given movie fans a major reason to look forward to it, since he reportedly said that Disney Plus will contain "the entire Disney motion picture library," effectively making the notion of the iconic "Disney Vault" null and void. That means the studio's 1920s cartoons, as well as early hits like 1937's Snow White and 1941's Dumbo, will be available to stream on top of modern classics like Frozen, Zootopia, and Wreck-It Ralph.

While attending an investor meeting held in St. Louis, Iger explained that once Disney Plus goes online, the marketing trick of releasing certain films for only limited periods of time before they're hauled "back in the vault" will be dead, paving the
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