Film Review: “The Drug King” (2018) by Woo Min-ho

The narcotics industry, or what existed of it, in South Korea has for the most part never been explored in cinema up until recently. 2018, however, changed that with two films on the subject out in a year. While “Believer” was a remake of the Johnnie To film “Drug War”, director Woo Min-ho’s latest film “The Drug King” attempted to tell the true tale of the 1970s drug trade through Busan into Japan. It was highly anticipated not only for being Woo Min-ho’s follow-up to the excellent 2015 thriller “Inside Men”, but also for starring South Korean superstar Song Kang-ho, who was last seen in the hit Gwangju Uprising drama “A Taxi Driver” as well as Bae Doona, one of the leading South Korean actresses. So does the film live up to the hype and the towering names it comes with? Let’s break it down.

After a brief introduction to methaphetamine,
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