Link Tank: Behind The Curve Takes on the Flat-Earth Movement

Spencer Mullen Mar 12, 2019

Behind The Curve, American Gods, Mr. Rogers, and more in today's daily Link Tank!

Psychologists have determined the key trait that psychopaths share.

"What makes a criminal a psychopath? Their grisly deeds and commanding presence attract our attention — look no further than Ted Bundy, the subject of a recent Netflix documentary, and cult leaders like Charles Manson. But despite years of theorizing and research, the mental health field continues to hotly debate what are the defining features of this diagnosis. It might come as a surprise that the most widely used psychiatric diagnostic system in the Us, the Dsm-5, doesn’t include psychopathy as a formal disorder."

Read more at Inverse.

The documentary Behind The Curve takes on the flat earth conspiracy theory.

Please watch Behind the Curve and become obsessed with this notion that the Earth is flat with me. For those unaware, there is a
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