Little Monsters Review

Abe Forsythe’s Little Monsters cuts through dismal zombified doom-and-gloom as a beaming ray of all-smiles sunshine. Australia’s funniest horror comedy in years doesn’t mince expectancies about being an impossibly entertaining midnight riot. Walkers drool bloody saliva from their flesh-peeled mouths, but Forsythe’s focus is on true to life superheroes (teachers), doofy “fool in love” romantics, and a child-cheerful genre spin so contrastingly rooted in innocence. Movies like Little Monsters and Cooties are a dime a dozen, yet given how well-balanced, ferocious and endlessly entertaining Forsythe’s ode to unsung protectors is, one has to ask a simple question: Why?

Alexander England stars as the recently single slacker Dave, forced to bunk with sis Tess (Kat Stewart) and her tractor-obsessed son Felix (Diesel La Torraca). Dave’s ambitions of rockstar fame have lost momentum since God’s Sledgehammer disbanded, while Sara’s (Nadia Townsend) speedy rebound leaves
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