Timothy Boyle unleashes a creepy clown in ‘On Halloween’

Terry Serio in ‘On Halloween’

Filmmaker Timothy Boyle decided to shoot a micro-budgeted horror movie about a killer clown in between two other projects.

Operating virtually as a one-man band, Boyle wrote, produced, directed and photographed On Halloween. His associate producer Jeremy Cook was on hand at times to help move the lights and organise the cast.

“It was just me, my camera and my actors on set,” the filmmaker tells If. “It was actually liberating, the best experience of my career and the closest thing I’ve ever had to truly experiencing being an auteur.”

Inspired by the creepy clown sightings of 2016, which prompted some people to go clown hunting, he assembled a cast including Giselle van der Wiel, Brandon Paterson, Conor Fogarty, Terry Serio, Ivan Topic, Aaron J March, Patch May and Ezekiel Simat.

Giselle plays Jordan Madden, a journalist in search of the truth behind a series
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