Climax – Review

A tripped-out horror musical, Climax is the latest descent into hallucinatory madness From French writer/director Gaspar Noé, the bad boy of modern French cinema. Though not his most explicit work, all of Noé’s trademark elements – over-the-top graphic sex and violence, dizzying camerawork, psychedelic neon visuals, and dark electronic music – are on display in Climax.

Sofia Boutella, the sole actual actress in the film, (the rest are professional dancers – and there’s one bratty child) leads the multi-ethnic cast of characters as Selva, one of about twenty young revelers who gather in a dark abandoned building to party and dance one cold winter night. With the exception of an opening shot of someone injured and disoriented in blinding snow, the first 30 minutes of Climax is relatively playful, resembling little more than a French entry in the Step Up series. Noé has his cast introduce themselves in ‘audition tapes’, shown
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