Californoir: Close-Up on "Under the Silver Lake"

  • MUBI
David Robert Mitchell's Under the Silver Lake (2018) is having its exclusive online premiere on Mubi in the United Kingdom. It is showing from March 15 - April 13, 2019.I first saw Under the Silver Lake at its late-night Cannes Film Festival premiere, thinking that would be the logical time for it: sight unseen, the third feature from David Robert Mitchell's radiated the sexy, angular strangeness of a midnight movie in the making. Strange it is, though in a louche, breezy way; it's the stuff of inebriated daydreams rather than outright nightmares. It's as much a midday trip as it is a midnight one: as I emerged from the inappropriately tuxedoed premiere for this rumpled, T-shirted detective odyssey, the film's hazy, zonked afterglow was in a separate dimension from the crisp, inky atmosphere of the Côte d'Azur after dark. Suddenly, the sky outside the Cannes Palais looked wrong: all deep-navy velvet where
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