Trailer: ‘Head Full Of Honey’ Starring Nick Nolte – Written & Directed By Til Schweiger

Warner Bros. Pictures has debuted a new look trailer for their upcoming release, Head Full of Honey. The film stars multiple Oscar nominee Nick Nolte and is the English language directorial debut of German actor/ filmmaker Til Schweiger who both writes and directs.

Warner Bros/YouTube

Nolte stars as Amadeus, a recent widower whose strong personality, charm and sense of humor can no longer mask the life-altering onset of Alzheimer’s. Unable to live alone, Amadeus reluctantly moves in with his son, Nick (Oscar nominee Matt Dillon) and Nick’s wife, Sarah (Emily Mortimer)—a couple who are dealing with problems of their own—and their bright 10-year-old daughter, Tilda (newcomer Sophia Lane Nolte), outside of London. There, despite the disruption and chaos that ensues when Amadeus becomes part of the already tense household, he and his granddaughter develop a special bond. Tilda’s patience and affection for her grandfather
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