15 Couples That Hurt Live-Action Disney Movies (And 10 That Saved Them)

Since Disney live-action remakes are all the rage right now, let us discuss the highs and lows of romance in Disney's live-action films.

From the time that the company released its first feature film in 1937, romance has been a major part of Walt Disney's winning formula. Though Disney has always primarily been known as an animation studio, it has regularly been producing live-action films since the premiere of Treasure Island in 1950. Its live action features don't veer too off course from the path forged by its animated films. Thus, the Disney company is still very concerned with romance, even when it's working outside of the world of pens and ink.

Not all of the Disney romances, however, are infused with Disney magic. As wonderful as the Disney Company's cinematic output often is, for every masterpiece they've given us, they've also released something regrettable. How else could a studio have
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