‘Our Planet’ Trailer: Ambitious Netflix Nature Series Visits All Seven Continents

There are very few moments in life that confront you with the inescapable fact that whales’ mouths are unbelievably large. Sure, they’re the most massive creatures on the planet, but in most cases, whales are shown moving placidly through the water or diving up above the surface (or flying through clouds at a pulsating light in the sky).

But Netflix’s new series “Our Planet” has plenty of whales, in all their giant-mawed glory. The ambitious new nature doc series was filmed across 50 countries and claims to feature “never-before-seen footage of wildlife and their habitats.” The trailer below takes the large-scale world of underwater giants and focuses all the way down to the everyday life of tiny insects trying to survive in a giant forest.

It’s something the creative team behind the series, which also created “Planet Earth” and “Blue Planet,” has captured before, but never on quite this expansive scale.
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