SXSW 2019: Two Visions

  • MUBI
JezebelThe steady drone of industry panels and pseudo Ted-talks, day-drunk hollering, and groaning line queue banter is punctuated by the ambulance sounds of an electric scooter accident. Swathes of people donning color-coded badges filter in and out of venues, suspiciously few of those having anything to do with the blue-tag film festival portion of South by Southwest, despite the draw of big Hollywood names like Matthew McConaughey, Charlize Theron, and Lupita Nyong’o. One certainly feels inclined to attend the fan-fared premieres of, for instance, Jordan Peele’s doppelgänger horror film, Us, or Harmony Korine’s latest bong rip, The Beach Bum, if only to be ahead of the curve by a few weeks. (Both films will be released in theatres this March.) But beyond the hustle and bustle of the Paramount Theatre’s red carpet offerings, South by Southwest’s peripheral film festival entries will seem nebulous: a haphazard selection of international transplants,
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