Spider-Man And Carnage Feature In Epic Fan-Made Venom 2 Trailer

Even though I thought last year’s Venom movie left a lot to be desired, I’d definitely see a sequel. Much like how excitement surrounded seeing Eddie Brock’s first solo outing on the big screen, so, too, will there likely be a lot of hype surrounding a full-on Carnage in the followup.

If you saw the Sony-Marvel blockbuster, then you’re aware of how Woody Harrelson laid the groundwork for the next flick by showing up during the mid-credits scene. Granted, he was there as Cletus Kasady only, but said teaser was enough to get True Believers pumped.

So, now that we know Harrelson will unleash havoc as Carnage next time around, some fans aren’t wasting time showing us what the future may hold. Already, there’s been fantastic art imagining what the iconic villain may look like on celluloid, and now Billy Crammer has
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