Film review: Tumbbad (2018) by Rahi Anil Barve and Adesh Prasad

Having in mind both India’s rich mythological heritage and the state of development of the country’s cinema, it is quite strange that the top-quality horror-fantasy works rarely come from the world’s second most populous country. However the trend can shift quickly since “Tumbbad” is one of the best and most efficient horror films seen in years. The critical response is good, the world premiere as the opening film of the last year’s edition of Venice Critics Week opened the possibilities for a long festival tour (Fantastic Fest, Cph Pix, Busan, Thessaloniki etc.) and the film was already released theatrically in India.

The opening quote by Mahatma Gandhi citing that the world is enough for people’s needs, but not for their greed, sets the topic rarely and usually superficially explored in genre cinema. It is followed by an obscure piece of mythology about Hastar, the firstborn son of the Goddess Earth,
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