Exclusive Interview – Director Rupert Wyatt on Captive State

Ricky Church chats with Captive State director Rupert Wyatt

Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt recently had his latest film, Captive State, released in theaters from Focus Features. The film, starring John Goodman (10 Cloverfield Lane), Ashton Sanders (Moonlight), Vera Farmiga (Godzilla: King of the Monsters), Alan Ruck (Sierra Burgess is a Loser) and Jonathan Majors (White Boy Rick). The film follows an alien invasion where a race called the Legislators has successfully overthrown humanity and governments worldwide are cooperating with them by turning the planet into one large police state as the Legislators terraform the planet. Meanwhile, a resistance movement called Phoenix is rising and planning their next move to beat back the invaders and retake their home.

Flickering Myth was able to speak with Wyatt about his inspiration to put a twist on the alien invasion genre by focusing on the aftermath of humanity
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