‘Documentary Now!’: One Big Idea That Didn’t Make It Into a Fantastic Season 3

With so many moving parts and last-minute changes, there’s a lot that doesn’t make it into a show like “Documentary Now!” Even for a series as nimble, precise, and eminently watchable as IFC’s riff on documentaries new and old, not every promising idea can make it to the screen. For Season 3 of “Documentary Now!,” series writer/directors Alex Buono and Rhys Thomas had one great idea they had to let go.

“We wanted to do a documentary about the fake moon landing, but we couldn’t crack it. We were basically going to take it for granted that it was faked and just do the story of the live television production,” Thomas said.

“Kind of in the style of one of the many behind the scenes of ‘Saturday Night Live’ things that we see,” Buono added. “The production manager’s like, ‘Oh, you have no idea. Just the catering alone!
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