Exclusive Interview – Visual Effects Supervisor Christian Kaestner on Captain Marvel

Harrison Abbott chats with Captain Marvel visual effects supervisor Christian Kaestner

As a VFX supervisor for Framestore’s Montreal division, Christian Kaestner has contributed to several high-profile releases including: Alien: Covenant; Paddington; and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. More recently, the award-winning visual artist oversaw some of the critical work on Captain Marvel, helping to deliver its key environments and most striking images.

In the wake of the film’s staggering box-office performance, we caught up with Christian to talk about his career, what it’s been like working for Marvel and what it takes to be a good VFX supervisor. For those who are more interested in the technical aspects, we also dig deep into nerdier territory, exploring how to pull off a convincing digi-double, the challenges of slowing down CG images and how to simulate underwater physics. Enjoy!

Before we get onto Captain Marvel itself, I thought
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