New Morbius Set Video Shows The Living Vampire In Action

After Venom raked in some serious dough at the worldwide box office, it seemed as though Sony Pictures developed an insatiable appetite for Spider-Man villains appearing in movies entirely independent from the wall-crawler. In fact, not only is Tom Hardy expected to headline a Venom sequel, but production on Morbius is now also underway.

Admittedly, I’m surprised by the studio’s willingness to place such a character on marquees, but this creative decision is much easier to swallow than, say, the Aunt May spinoff they’d been contemplating a few years back. To their credit, it’s all coming together, unlike the failed Sinister Six team-up flick that also fell through (Sony’s half-baked attempt at forming their own Avengers would be an apt description).

If you’ve been following along with recent news pertaining to Morbius, then you’ve probably had a chance to view some photos emerging from the set.
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