You’ve Got Red on You: Us and the Jumpsuit Question

Spoilers Throughout

Clearly Us (2019) director Jordan Peele is as interested in the craft of costume as a tool for storytelling as any means available to him. Peele’s costume designer for his film, Kym Barrett, is highly proficient, a veteran, with such memorable titles as Romeo and Juliet (1996), The Matrix (1999) and The Nice Guys (2016) under her belt. Her contribution is specific and considered – the ‘cut like’ jagged edges in Lupita Nyong’o’s blood soaked attire as Adelaide testament to Barrett’s knowledge of the subtle communication costume can achieve. It is, then, somewhat of a shame that Peele insists on everything in his story being so literal that we as an audience are actually given too many answers when much could be left open to interpretation.

Really, we come to learn everything we ever need to know about The Tethered: who created them, how they lived, why they cannot form words,
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