'Give me another series, you swine!' This Time was the very best of Alan Partridge

From slapstick to quiet horror, Alan’s return to the BBC secured his status as the vital, despicable saviour of us all

The most remarkable thing about Alan Partridge is that he wasn’t hard to invent. While making On the Hour, as the story goes, Armando Iannucci asked Steve Coogan to do a voice for a sports reporter. Coogan came out with the now familiar tampon-up-the-nose timbre and someone spontaneously said “he’s an Alan”, immediately followed by someone else concluding “he’s a Partridge”. From that moment on, Iannucci says, “we knew what his background was, how he felt about being a sports reporter, how he wanted to move on and be taken more seriously”. This is not what usually happens; to create a character that’s believable, consistent, original, funny, sympathetic and interesting is immensely difficult. Just ask Dan Brown. It takes hours of tortuous work, but Alan didn’t.
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