Does DC Comics’ ‘Shazam’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?

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Does DC Comics’ ‘Shazam’ Have a Post-Credits Scene?
The summer superhero movie season is about to get started in earnest with “Avengers: Endgame,” “X-Men: Dark Phoenix,” and “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” but first we’ve got “Shazam” from DC Comics — the second big comic book movie of the year after “Captain Marvel” in March.

For a long time, movies based on DC properties eschewed the practice that became the norm for their Marvel counterparts — post-credits scenes. Marvel movies, and movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in particular, loved tossing in a bonus scene during and/or at the end of the credits to tease future movies or just add a little extra joke. But DC didn’t do that sort of thing until very recently, with “Justice League” back in 2017 and “Aquaman” just a few months back.

So does “Shazam” follow the recent DC trend by including any bonus scenes after the credits roll, or does it stick
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