Pet Sematary: Stephen King Easter Eggs and Reference Guide

John Saavedra Apr 4, 2019

The Pet Sematary remake has a few nods to the book, original movie, and the larger Stephen King universe that you might have missed!

This Pet Sematary article contains major spoilers.

With its debut in April, Pet Sematary becomes one of the few works by Stephen King to receive multiple adaptations. Paramount, which first adapted the brutal book in 1989, brings a new vision of terror to Maine with a remake we quite enjoyed for the most part (especially the terrifying cat). 

As Constant Readers already know, Pet Sematary is just one in a web of interconnected stories that make King's version of Maine one of the most horrible places to live. The movie pays tribute to that legacy by including many easter eggs and references to not only the original book but the 1989 movie and the larger King universe. It also features a few nods to real-life
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