Discovery Orders Series ‘River of No Return,’ Where It’s Homesteaders vs Idaho Wilderness (Exclusive)

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Discovery has greenlit a new series, “River of No Return” — and by the sound of it, it’s not going to be your average camping trip.

The series follows a small community of people who live in Idaho’s remote Frank Church Wilderness, where the only way in or out is by plane — or, for the brave, by boat across the perilous Salmon River.

Lewis and Clark described the river — the largest un-dammed river in North America — as “foaming and roaring through rocks in every direction, so as to render the passage of anything impossible.” The 2.3 million acres of secluded wilderness beyond, also known as “The Frank,” is home to some of the last stretches of undeveloped frontier — and some very steep canyons.

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For the homesteaders who are drawn to life in “The Frank,” they must rely on pilots,
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