Why Annabelle Comes Home Might Be the Craziest Movie in the Conjuring Universe Yet

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The possessed Annabelle doll is returning for round three, and this time, she's determined to claim a soul. Annabelle Comes Home might just be the most harrowing addition to the universe yet. I should know, because I heard all the ins and outs during my visit to the set in December 2018. What makes this film so different from the previous spooky entries in the series? Well, it seems like Annabelle will have a full arsenal of evil at her disposal, because the film takes place in the very heart of the Warren household: the fearsome Artifact Room that houses some of the most evil artifacts in the world.

During my trip to the set, I spoke to producer Peter Safran about the exciting addition. Why, now, are we being thrust back into the world of the Warrens? After all, the first two Annabelle films take place long before the Warrens come into the picture.
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