'Hellboy' Star Daniel Dae Kim Says He's "Grateful" Producers Took Action and Recast His Character

'Hellboy' Star Daniel Dae Kim Says He's
Just days away from the Neil Marshall-directed and Andrew Cosby-written R-rated Hellboy reboot hitting theaters, star Daniel Dae Kim is saying he's "grateful" to the film's producers and director Neil Marshall for recasting his character, Ben Daimio, with an Asian-American actor.

The role of the rugged Japanese-American agent who teams up with Stranger Things star David Harbour's Hellboy to stop an ancient sorceress (Milla Jovovich) and her apocalyptic plans had originally gone to the white English actor Ed Skrein. Following social media backlash over the casting as a whitewashing of the original comic character, Skrein vacated the ...
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