Movies You May Have Missed: ‘Bong of the Dead’

Welcome to the latest installment in our regular Movies You May Have Missed series here on Nerdly, in which I highlight some of, what I think, are the best movies that have flown under the radar of many or have been “forgotten” in the intervening years since its release. This time round its the low-budget stoner comedy-horror Bong of the Dead.

Stars: Simone Bailly, Mark Sweatman, Jy Harris, Barry Nerling, Vince Laxton, Cher Staite, Allan Kipling | Written and Directed by Thomas Newman

Official Synopsis: The world might be in the grip of the zombie apocalypse, but all stoners Edwin and Tommy are worried about is getting their next dope hit. When the undead attack, they discover that mashed-up zombie makes the most excellent fertiliser for their marijuana crop, inducing the sort of super-powerful high most pot-heads could only dream of…. Zombie brains + cannabis = super weed! With their gorgeous friend Leah in tow,
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