Will Joker Follow the Villain's Comic Book Backstory? Well, It's Complicated

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With Joker coming out this year, we're excited to see how director Todd Phillips will flesh out the iconic character in his first stand-alone origin story - partly because the point of the Joker is that he doesn't really have an origin. Not knowing quite how he became a murderous psychopath preserves his status as a terrifying figure; he's the incarnation of chaos. Having said that, Phillips didn't have a shortage of comic sources from which to draw inspiration. Given that the Joker came about in the '40s and is one of the first comic book supervillains ever, it's inevitable that writers would explore his history. If you're curious about how Joaquin Phoenix's portrayal aligns with past comics about Batman's foe, keep reading!

The Joker's Big Debut

The Joker makes his first appearance in Batman No. 1 in 1940. Writer Bill Finger originally planned to kill
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