Film Review: Ode to the Goose (2018) by Zhang Lu

“Ode to the Goose” is novelist-turned into filmmaker Zhang Lu’s latest work. It was presented at the 2018 Busan International Film Festival and was recently shown at the Osaka Asian Film Festival 2019.

“Ode to the Goose” screened at Osaka Asian Film Festival 2019

The movie follows the trajectory of Yoon-young (Park Hae-il) and Song-hyun (Moon So-ri), as the two friends go on a spontaneous trip to Gunsan. The first part of the movie focuses on their trip and encounters with the guest house’s host and daughter and the restaurant owner. The city is pretty ghostly. Everyone is in a transition, it is as if time had stopped.

The second part explores what led the two misfits to the fishing city, especially Yoon-young’s wanderings and encounters.

Alienation is perhaps the main topic of the movie. The estrangement felt by characters is almost tangible. The feeling is enhanced by the almost-dreamy city they end up in.
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