Has the R-rated superhero flick lost its powers?

Deadpool opened up the market for ultra-violent, profane superheroes, but the new Hellboy’s box-office nose dive shows they need more than shock value

In the week leading up to the release of the new Hellboy film, Lionsgate unleashed something called a “Super R-rated Sizzle Reel!” to showcase what the studio hoped to be the chief appeal of their $50m (£38.1m) reimagining of Mike Mignola’s comic books: a grand parade of violence, blood, gore, mutilation and foul-mouthed mischief. The montage wasn’t coy about its intentions. Title cards proclaiming: “Hellboy is rated R / For strong bloody violence/ Gore throughout” are intercut with clips of a giant tearing a man in half, Hellboy ripping out a troll’s eye and similar imagery.

In an age where gleefully bloody and bad-mouthed superhero movies such as Deadpool and Logan lay waste to the box office, such an approach makes sense on paper.
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